Big Brother is Watching

“Big brother is watching you.”

– George Orwell

When I was growing up, the phrase “Big Brother is watching” referred to the idea that the government was watching us. I’ve lived long enough to see that come true.

The reality is everyone is watching you. We’re in a digital world that makes everyone your next-door neighbor. As you drive down the street, cameras are recording. Your mobile phone monitors your location according to the closest cell tower. And every purchase you make is documented.

As a business coach, I work with business owners to focus and become more profitable. I suggest my clients ask themselves, “Am I watching what my customer is buying?” Do you know why they are repeat customers? Or do you know why they moved on and no longer use your services?

What you don’t know will hurt you and your company. It may be time for you to become the “Big Brother” in your business!

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