Seeing Your Blind Spots from a Different Angle

by Mike Monahan

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”

– Ken Blanchard

When working with clients, I always get a kick out of hearing them say, “I know that’s my blind spot.”

While that may be true, it doesn’t mean they can see what I see. Just like a blind spot in a car mirror, you can’t see what’s there unless you look from a different position.

When people have fear, blind spots are created. If you’re afraid of failing, you’ll have blind spots in the area of opportunity. If you’re controlling, you’ll have blind spots with delegating responsibility to others.

We all have blind spots, so we need others to help us see. To hear more on this subject, join me at the upcoming Cincinnati Business Courier breakfast on Tuesday, March 18 at the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce offices.

At “Unlock the Door to Business Success,” we’ll look at how your biggest challenge to success comes from within. In this interactive session, you’ll create business success by identifying and overcoming obstacles, like your blind spots.